At Pro Audio, we place the human being at the centre of our concerns. If technology is so complex and precise today, it is meant to serve people and not to inconvenience them. We understand this clearly.

After explaining your wishes to us, we place all our skills at your service to fulfil your expectations while finding a suitable full system installation and integration solution for your needs. We have the unique ability to combine imagination, science, practical experience and technical skill in every system. Thus we develop a turnkey concept to ensure the full technical implementation of your installation.
While substantive parameters can already be specified precisely at the initial stage of a project, we analyze your objectives and define all of the resources to be exploited together with you. Then we adopt the required measures to guarantee an optimum outcome. As a result the project execution produces the best possible yield: it is simple, efficient and economic.

We create technically innovative tailored solutions for demanding projects in the following target groups:
Audio Rack

  • Conference Centers
  • Multimedia Boardrooms
  • Hotels, Restaurants & Bars
  • Leisure & Fitness Centres
  • Exhibitions & Auditoriums
  • Training & Education
  • Theatres & Performance Places
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Retail Shops
  • Churches
  • Business
  • Industrial



  • Proaudio-Fix-Bose-Arcelor-2015
  • Proaudio-Fix-Bose-MP-2015
  • Proaudio-Fix-Christie-Sidero-2015
  • Proaudio-Fix-Connexions-2015
  • Proaudio-Fix-Extron-CDM-2015
  • Proaudio-Fix-Extron-Diekrich-2015
  • Proaudio-Fix-LS-Cimetiere-2014
  • Proaudio-Fix-LS-Cimetiere-2015
  • Proaudio-Fix-LS-Football-Strassen-2015
  • Proaudio-Fix-LS-Football-Wiltz-2015
  • Proaudio-Fix-Rack-Contern-2015
  • Proaudio-Fix-Rack-MP-2015
  • Proaudio-Fix-SalleDeConference-2015